Free Spirit

Hi I'm Christa, my creative interest began at the early age of seven while in grammar school sculpturing a perfect bird. Soon after my written work was a poem then a play performed at the AME Zion Church we faithfully attended. My dream as an Artist Designer Writer realized late in life and now shares the credit for saving and re-birthing my dreams. As an Artist  Designer Writer I get to spread my wings and soar alone or with family and partners. The physical creativity allows me to now network and market my work. As a business woman my creativity has taught me patience and empowers my simple to exotic designer styles. Marketing the diversity of my creativity from fashion runways to events allows me to share with the world all that I am as an artist. Using materials I am drawn to I pray my creativity inspires the spirit of all who are drawn to work. 

My Sagittarius Heart

I am the politician on the run being the colt of the zodiac

Born to lead and inspire excitement surrounds my spirit

Full of inspiration from life's lessons within my life's story

The stroke of a fortune of good luck will always assist my success

My mountain climbing nature along with my philosopher's politics

Allows me a dual sign adding to the things I do well in life

My constant search for wisdom leads my quest to teach as I publish

As my aspirations energy arches aim of my capabilities for the stratosphere

I never withhold conversation of my visions of the world being a better place