Caught Up Between Wifey and Twins

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 2:18 AM

Girl did U hear what happen last night at the club? No girl! Whats up? June Bug got caught up between wifey and twins. What? Yea girl let me tell it its not what U think. His wife Kathy was suppose to be going out of town. Now U heard already they was having some issues wit his baby mama drama Kim. What he didn't know was Kim was a twin. So dam June Bug thought he was the pimp daddy of the year. Got his fuck on every night back then, but they got past it....... lol..... Friday night comes he makes love to his wife all dam day thinking she about to leave with his dick on her mind. She did, headed out to the bus station but it was snowing and it couldn't leave. So they told her there would be delays and she had a couple of hours to kill.  Well down the street was one of their farvorite clubs. She sits in a both in the dark and a few minutes pass then in walks June Bug with this other girl Kim his baby mama.  His wife was seeing red but wanted to see if they just talking or was he going to try do her. So she leans back into the darkness and orders a bottle of the oldiest and most expensive wines they had, straight up trouble right. U know whats on her mind she feeling it and going to make his ass pay. Some of his boys notice he not with his wife and do they man thang. Playa playa they brage, hi fives to. U could almost see steam coming from out of the darkness his wife Kathy  was in. Mad as hell but she was smooth and held her tongue. Every dam body was buying each other drinks. June Bug and Kim did they freaking on the dance floor.  When they got back the bartender had set up this real old bottle of brandy June Bug's favorite kind. June Bug was tossing it back like a real pro. Kim didn't do to bad herself because she seem all happy and shit about something. It was said later he told her he was getting a divorce and that was why she was happy.  Anyway. Once Kathy over heard why Kim was all ova her man and that her and June Bug was headed for divorce court. She almost lost it then ran off into the bath room.  U know how we women have to vent in the rest room.  When she got up and rushed off Kim noticed Kathy and was surprised she was still in town. So Kim goes after Kathy to make sure just who it was. Inside the rest room Kim and Kathy talked and they both where hot as fire. June Bug was playing them both. Hugs and kisses between the two women didn't last long cause U can't touch us when we mad played or not. Then Kim get a call on her cell phone and it was her twin. Tells Kathy she knows what to do so they both pay June Bug back. Kathy agrees and decided to go back to her table in the dark so she could see what was about to happen. She calls the waiter over and orders drinks for the house and puts it all on her joint charge card. Kim comes out of the rest room but June Bug to drunk now to pay attention. The man can't drink ok and it won't long before he started to slur his words and fall into Kim on the dance floor. Confused he called her Kathy not Kim then when they get back to their seats Kim's twin was waiting. June Bug looked at Kim then her twin, back and forth, back and forth. The bartender announced drinks are on the house. June Bug says "Well dam where's my dam glass?".  He sits next to Kim on the bar stool talking like he the man.  Kims twin joins them and sits on the other side of June Bug. Touching him on his shoulders and thighs. At first June Bug was acting like Kim was going to have a fit but because she didn't say nothing he didn't.  Soon because he was so dam drunk he didn't or couldn't tell who was who.  His wife Kathy leaves the club through the side door and calls him on the cell phone while sitting in June Bugs car down the street. "Helllllo" He so drunk she can barly understhand him so she takes over the conversation. "Hey baby, U ok? I miss U already.  Where U at whats that nose?" "I'mmm missssss to". He manage to say  " U at the club?" She ask him. "Ahhhhhh men doin a few shots baaby". Kathy says "Ok sweet heart but U let them take U home ok. See U when I get back next week". Oh boy!  June Bug was excited he had a few days to get up in Kim's pussy. Then Kim get a call that didn't last long at all from Kathy. "Hey girl how U? Yea I'm out with my man tonight. Call me tommrow girl. Iiight then, bye". When she closed her cell phone Kim winks at her twin and says. "Hey baby, why don't we take this party ova to my place".  "Sure baby". June Bug already tasting her pussy.  As they get up to leave Kim's twin ask if she could tag along. "Kim says well only if June Bug wanted a threesum". June Bug didn't even bother to answer. Rushed them all out the door and was half a block past his dam car before he realized it.  His wife knew he can't hold his liqure starts the car and pulls up beside them.  Kims got his attention on her with his hands all between her legs. Her twin opens the back door jumps in and pulls June Bug down into the car.  Face to face in the car he thought it was Kim.  Begins kissing but Kim getting in broke them apart and pulls June Bug on top of her. Pulling off from the curb Kathy seeds off.  She has a bottle of brandy next to her and tosses it to Kim.  June Bug's head bounce like a mexican doll in a car window. Looking at them back and forth like he was trying to work out in his head why they where now three women. I guess the talk of a threesum help him to let it go so he was cool. Kim unzips his pants and gets his dick all hard. As he was about to feel on Kims twin again she gets up and mounts June Buge. Kathy speeds up mad as hell tossing them back and forth till she slams on the brakes.  Sluring his words June Bug says "Dam that was good thug sex"  They all get out but Kathy and go in the house. Kim leaves the front door unlocked so Kathy can come in. They waist no time running off to the bed room. The threesum was on as Kim's twin sucked on his dick.  Then Kim mounted June Bug face and he was all up in it let me tell U.  June Bug fliped her over on her back and was fucking her as Kathy came in the room with a cam recorder and began to tape it. Kims twin tied June Bugs legs to the bed post and he never even noticed he was in such a mad rush to get his first nut. Bragged to her twin I get this first one then I do U next all night long. "Show U a real man can go all night". Had Kim's knees up ramming her like lighting strikes and the head board pounding away like thunder. "Say my name bitch".  "Yes big daddy". "Do her do her".  Kim's twin was yelling busy putting handcuffs on June Bugs legs. He never noticed nothing was wrong he was so into it . When his nut exploded his body trashing allowed Kim to escape his embrace. "Where U going baby? Oh no I can't get up".  "Its ok we going to treat U to something real special ok baby."  "I'm being kidnapped. I like it."  As Kim put cuffs on June Bugs wrist he began to tease like he was trying to get away. Then the lights came on and it startled June Bug. There was nothing he could do he was face down on the bed cuff to the bed. He heard Kathy say. "U son of a bitch.  How could U do this to me?"  June Bug was so dam drunk he thought he was hearing things.  "Dam IIII mmuusss be my drunnnk heeeeer wiiife callllll me."  "No mother fucker" says Kim. "She right ova there filming your drunk ass, and speaking of yo ass.  I would like to introduce U to my twin Kwamy."  "Huuuuuh baabymammaaaaaaaaaaamn, kkkkkathy whatssss uuuuodo hear? Kathy says. "Oh I heard your about to experience a threesum and I wanted to make it a speical occation, but first we want U to sober up some."  They poured strong coffee down his dam throat and it was on. Trashing about soaking wet there hands where all ova June Buge teasing him.  Then when he was sober Kim says. "Hey baby I didn't really introduce U to my twin did I?" June Bug says "I didn't have the pleasure"  about that time Kathy says "hold up let me make sure I get this in the cam shots."  Kim jumps up on the bed towering over June Bug.  "Well mother fucker It gives me the greatest of pleasure to introduce to my twin brother Kwamy."  In the film u can almost see June Bugs heart trying to jump out of his chest. Kwamy rips off his wig and perfect size fake breast, slaps June Bug on his ass and says. "Hey bitch I hear your the big daddy who played my sister and your wifey Kathy.  I come to introduce myself as their guardian angel. Every time I go down on U I want U to say their names. Then in a few days when Kathy due back home I want U to go back to the club and find out whats the new buzz."  That all happen about three weeks ago. So last night girl when folks walked into the club.....lol.... people where falling off the stools out their seats laughing so hard tears began to flood the place.  All U saw was June Bugs ass in the air and Kwamy  just being the dominatircs he is. Girl U should hurry up and get down to the club fast.  There are not alot of copys of the DVD left.  Kathy drop some off after the divorce and Kim and Kwamy did the internet sales. The three of them having a ball but no one knows where June Bug is. Last anybody seen of him he was on video begging Kwamy not to stop.

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