Battered... early notes. The story of abuse and sexual slavery!... typeo's lol

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"What on earth has happen hear? It looks as if a sussession of storms rolled through. My God is that blood? Israel do you see this?" "I'm not moving. Not one more step and you shouldn't . I don't like walking in on shit like this. We could end up on trial like one of them CSI cases. Let's get the hell out of hear." " Ok, for once I agree with you. Wait, hush! you hear that?" " Yes I do and it's coming from over there." "Oh, hell no. Jackie! Girl is that you? What the hell happen to you? Who did this? Israel help me we have to get her to the hospital." " Christa you sure she needs it? She looks like she gone to me." "No" "I think I did hear her come on. Get this stuff off her." Both Israel and I where moving as fast as we could but it was our shock making us feel it was slow motion. Jackie was covered by debree only by a person who was totaly out of control with every breath and foot step with leatheal intent. As Israel manage to recover from his shock he manage to dial 911. "Help , Help, Help her! Our friend has been surverly battered. Almost beaten to death. Come quickly please hurry. What, what, oh yes. We at 3212 West Baker Street. Ok they on they way how she doing?" " Its hard to say there is so much blood. It could kill her alone. Lets see if we can see where she is cut." " I think she was cut between her legs but its not that bad." "Hears a cut on her risk, but dam there are others. " "Whats taking them so long?" " Clam down I just called them Christa." "Jackie, Jackie can you hear me? Can you hear me? Moan again if you can hear me." Over and over I tried to get Jackie to respond but she couldn't. We prayed her last contouse effort to get our attention saved her life. As I began to pray out loud my words drowned out by sirens caused me to leap to my feet. I didn't realize I was covered with Jackie's blood. As I open the door quick as possible. The policemen drew his gun and demanded I put my hands up. With clearly defensive commands he ask if it was my blood I was covered in. I told him no my friend Jackie was just found by me and another friend who is at her side trying to keep her alive. Asking if anybody else was in the house I had to admit I didn't know. There was no time to check we just arrived moments before we called 911. As the officer began to ask more questions I became irritated and said I was going back inside to help. Adding he could arrest me latter if he saw fit. There was no waiting nor time for him to respond. I was quick on my feet and half way back inside by the end of my statement. Following behind the officer saw Jackie was in good hands. Then he began to search to see if anybody else was in the house. "Is everything as you found it?? Both Israel and I said yes. Then introduced ourselves and told him we where there to have lunch with Jackie after getting her invite the day before. That at the time she seem in the mood to party and why we came to make plans. This is how we found her and we only went from the front door into the foyer. Other officers then arrived and Israel and I where separated then questioned. We where both placed in the back of police cars. Held there till the officer came for me. "Jackie is asking for you come with me. Mr Israel please remain out of the house. A officer will speak with you in a moment." As we walked inside there where a million questions I could only guess I answered. My mind blacked it out till kneeling by Jackie's side again. She tried to squeeze my hand but she was to weak. "Hang on Jackie they will save you. Who did this to you? Tell me who?" Jackie was trying to speak but lost consciousness again. "Nice try, but I don't think she strong enough to talk. Do you know who might do this? Is there a husband, boy friend, anybody she had words with lately." I gave it a thought but no man in his right mind would dare try to push Jackie around. I spoke of how most felt Jackie was a no nonsense kinda woman. Had anybody been a threat to her all her friends would have known. Mostly because she was very out spoken about her community efforts working with battered women. I felt this had to be some one who broke into her home to rob her and didn't know she would be home. Thinking she is a very busy business woman always traveling. In fact I had no idea what could be missing because there would be few times when we met at her house. It was only because she was back home for a family wedding over the weekend. My mind began to race trying to think of anybody Jackie had mention as the paramedic's began to get her on to the stretcher and into the ambulance. I wanted to ride with her but there where to many trying the best they could to keep her alive. I would only be in the way. A voice called out to me over and over because I was to focused on Jackie to hear. Yelling for me to get in and we would beat them to the hospital. We almost hit Israel who was not about to get left behind. "Man that cop had a million and one questions but I told him he could reach us at the hospital. " It wasn't till that moment I realized none of us was driving. It was Kim who was also invited in on the planing of our over needed stress less weekend. We had a moment of unbroken silence when we all recognized that wouldn't happen now. Almost on cue we each reached for our cell phones. As if we had opened up an emergency chat line as we each went about letting family and friends know what was going on. No one could reach Jackies boyfriend nor her sister Ashly who lived with Jackie. As we fell in line behind a patrol car and the ambalance our none stop rout to the hospital was like a chase sense out of an action movie only Jackie was the only victum. We had no idea how she was doing until we arrived just in time to pick up on what they where telling the doctors and nurses taking control of the situation. One nurse even climb then strattled on top of Jackie preforming CPR on her in rout inside. As I ran along side I was giving them as much information as I could think of. Inside they had no time to put her in a room bringing everything needed to her as the loby became a borage of life saving equpment. One after another doctors and nurses took up position on what look like every inch of her body. There was no time for one doctor to care for one point of engery. They where treating each cut as if it was the most life threating one. All we could do was hold our breaths till she was stable enough to be moved. " Christa, are you ok? Are you cut to? Can we get you anything?" I didn't or couldn't respond standing very still as if parolized. My mind unable to comprehend what barbaric person could do such a thing. Who in their right mind could see Jackie as a threat enough to cut her up this way. So deep in my thoughts I never even felt the nurse checking to see if it was my blood all over me. "I think she is in shock can you give her anything?" As the nurse spoke of asking a doctor to check on me and allow her to give me a shot. It caused me to come out of it as if I was replused by the idea of not being able to know how Jackie was doing at all times. After removeing Jackie into another treatment area Israel and I where led into a waiting area set up for family of critcal care pasents. We where ask to remain in the room because the doctors and police would have more questions. Kim agreed to remain at the entrance to look out for Jackies family who where on their way to the hospital. "Christa, hi I'm doctor Berry head of the blood unit. I wanted to find out what type of blood you have because Jackie has lost a lot and we looking to have more on standby. Chancies are we have enough so its just a precausion at this point. Also is there anything you can tell me about her medical history?" I told doctory Berry that Jackie was healthy as far as I know and who her private doctor was. As her mother became the first to arrive there was no time for anything for her to add to the conversation the history of every moment of ilness from the time Jackie and Ashly where born. Nor realy finding any information helpful for the moment and releaved there was nothing standing in ther way of treatment. The doctor told us he would only be back when he was done making sure Jackie was out of danger. Then introduced us to the nurse incharge of keeping the family posted. Jackie's mother informed her I was not blood family but treated if I was her daughter to. In my mind there whas no diffrence but glad it wouldn't become an issue. The last thing needed was me blowing up the hospital at a time like this. I even got over my hate and fear of even being in a hospital at all. There was no place else I would rather be and if there was you wouldn't be able to get me to leave. " Christa and I found her this way and no idea what took place at all." Israels words where shocking to Mrs Parker as her tears flooded her face. Then one behind another the room began to fill as the rest of the family arrived. The diversity of their questions brought on a wide range of worry anger over what happen why and by who. No one at this point could answer but Jackie herself and it would have to wait. It was not long before we where informed Jackie's condition was grave. She had simple wounds that would heal normally but she had lost all but a pint of blood. They didn't believe she would make it much longer. Asking if there where any love ones like her husband kids mother and father who wanted to see her. So many of the family stood up to speak up but Mrs Parker ask them to agree that she and I go in and represent the rest of them. I couldn't believe she ask me and the family all seem to be OK with it. I'm sure many would have but it was not the time nor place to voice it. Jackie's father was not there being out of town on business and not reached yet. Some one said "You cant go in like that" and offered to swap clothing with me. The nurse told us that I could put on a hospital gown and some one could bring me clothing from home latter. I realized it was her way of them keeping close tabs on how I was dealing with my shock. Even Israel was being observed to make sure he was OK to. As I began to change Ms Parker realized I was like a child who didn't seem to know how to take my clothing off. The more I realized how soaked in Jackie's blood I was the worse it got. Mrs Parker asking if I needed help undressed then redressed me. She held me in a tight embrace until the nurse came to lead us into Jackie's ICU room. Complete frear came over us both as we supported each other. We where amazed how quickly they had cleaned Jackie up but realized they had no choice as they made sure all her wounds had been found then treated. We where ask not to stay long the doctors where still in the proses of making sure she was out of danger. I saw one nurse removing Jackie's clothing. It was if they had been shredded and I began to shake. Mrs Parker kissed her cheeks and told her "Its me mommy and your best friend Christa who come to tell her not to give up. The family are all in the hospital wanting to see you dear." Looking up at me as she motion for me to talk to Jackie. I added that she must get better or the family would eat up all the food and snacks in the hospital. Her mother smiled and began to talk about all Jackie's favorite foods she would cook. It was a tease only Jackie would take as a reason to wake up. There was nothing Jackie loved more than her moms home cooking. I think it was wishful thinking on our parts but we thought we caught Jackie being to smile or more like a smirk. Only allowed a few moments we where then ask to wait with the family. As we arrived trying to come to grips with her condition. The family where on the edge of becoming very explosive. Anger is not enough to describe the mood of the family waiting area. Everybody if their mind could be read would get life or even the death penalty for what all where thinking. As each voiced concern about what happen and what was to be done. Ms Parker took charge and I couldn't help notice this is who Jackie gets her passion and compassion from. She didn't ask she told us how we where going to act and respond. That any of us felt any different we could leave and she didn't care if we approved or not. Stating that we needed stay focus on sending Jackie good vibes not bad. Some one began to hum softly followed by talking about some of the things Jackie had said or done. Out of love we each ended up telling about moments we could laugh at. There was not a dry eye in the room. I couldn't help but question if a person was so loved how could this happen. It was like Jackie's sister Ashly's entrance into the room and conversation was like some body had taken a window pane and shattered it. " Did he kill her this time? I want that mother fucker dead." Ashly had been known to drink and we all thought she was drunk. To our surprise she was as sober as we where. Then she began to lash out at us for not knowing what she was talking about...... End Notes to Battered U have to read the book... The story of abuse and sexual slavery!

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