Erotic Pandora Is Killing Womanhood

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 4:28 PM

I have always been a faithful person. Maybe not believeing as others d. So what ? Its called diversity. Still I hang on to faith that we hummans could some day work out the distence between us living life in healthy ways. Then I listen to my radio yesterday and I doubt if I'll ever recover from the shock of the voice of a woman sounding maybe younger than me but not by much.  I realize I don't know it all but dam I thought we women are the nuturing force of life. Not that men can't learn to.  I thought we women being the vessels of life would always be the nurturing force till the end of times time.  Did I miss our death? Am I dead? If not then my faithfulness in us women has been rocked to the core. How can a woman allow the words I sleep with my lovers knowing I am a deased person, and I will never tell them even knowing they could die? LORD my GOD, forget she can go to jail!  Who are we now? How do we explain how we as women allowed this to happen to us? And she is us! Our slience is speaking very loudly and our shame will take us long before the worry of global warmming. So I ask do we just survive the damage or open up the conversation and rebirth our lives so we begin to live? Is the damage to great any effort is just simply to late?

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