Sex Court

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 3:31 PM

There should be a sexual court TV...... Well Ur honor... I guess it may have come to me late one night when he was laying next to me smelling like the club and all the women he did in the parking lot....its possible.... If I was to plead guilty how many years do I get if I plead guilty for putting a beehive on his dick......oh and the crazy glue to I guess..... After all he never even felt it till the next morning.... and with all the STD'S I know he has now.... he never even noticed the pain he was in.... In fact your honor.... He didn't notice at all till he was getting dressed and couldn't pull his pants up over his dick.... So I plead not guilty on behalf of all the sista's and brotha queens who have to put up with the shit he gave us.... If U do find me gulity and U looking ova his shoulders at the next fool trying to take his place..... and add in the bitch I have to kill in sell block dike.....I guess it would be me doing life huh...... I just can't do it your honor..... NOT GUILTY I DENIE EVERYTHING

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