He Hit Me!.....notes

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 3:50 PM

This to all my sista's and straight up girls I roll with. It just came to my attention that sista girl was beat down last night yawl need gear up... Now I'm not one to tend yo flow but I got issues with shit on this one OK... I got a call early morning... "Hey sis, I could use your shoulder"... I'm already up at my desk thinking this going to be a good day when I hear... "He hit me three times already and maybe do it again"... My first response before I hit her door was.... "Do U need bail if so I got yo back"... Silence.... She didn't have to say shit because I drop the dam phone.... Before her maid could say "Who is it?" I was half way up the steps her in toe. She knows me but this was her private quarters. I gave the maid a look back like U about to be the first to die so she just follows asking.... "What's wrong?".... Knowing I am a badgirl with a warm heart and a real need before I kick some ass I stopped when I come to the bed room door ... finding it locked upsets me. We talking a home full of security state of the art guards and all.... Thinking why the hell she locked in her dam room like in fear. For a second I flip through a few sista's from our past who where known to kick some ass. Some how I came up with Pam Greer. My height but I climb mountains so I am thin and Pam... Well shit the sista's breast top my weight... Love U girl this ain't about U.... So I'm thinking OK Pam lets do this and yell... "I'm coming in.".. I put my foot through that bitch like no other... As the door shattered she was being beaten now looking up at me. Her eye's wide like deer startled by lights on the dam freeway. All I heard was "Who the fuck are U?" From him and. "He will kill us" from her. Now by law because I am a 2nd degree black belt I must warn U my hands can kill yo ass and are registered weapons. Makes me wish I had just trained and not registered... shit... anyway... I say to him... "Step off".... "He says what U going to do I'll stomp yo ass to." A direct threat in any court of law but I then said every word my team of pit bull lawyers advised me to.... I didn't ask what happen... Don't matter and I didn't give a fuck... U put your hands on another person U crossed the line fuck why.... I went up one side his ass down the other..... Then offered to take his ass to the hospital call 911, what.... His boy I guess I missed was still out in the car in the drive way now at the bottom of the long winding steps yelling.... "Hello hello hello.... Whats going on?"..... I send the maid to bring his ass up.... He gets to the door and I hear.... "Dammmmmmmmm".... Steps inside and I have his boy on the love seat schooling his ass.... All I did was explain to him his life was shit if he eva touch a sista girl and I find out..... Told his boy to drag his ass home... After they left I got up on my dam feet sucked in some air because what I had to say to sista girl was going to be long....It's private but the long and short of it is... "U let him kick your ass again I will come and do yours".... Nobody has the right to beat U down like this. U allowing it its just as much your fault as the person doing it. I don't give a dam if it cost U your dam life.... stand up... U don't and whats left of your life ain't worth the space U taking up.... As a friend I will be in her face day and night till she says.... "U not my friend"...or... "I have changed what I allow and who I allow in my life".... Enough with the abuse stand yo ass up speak out shouttttttt it to the heavens till U get help....or... God says... "OK OK OK OK " Now men reading this please understand we women have had enough OK... Not all men do this I know that and I love U for being the men U are. Also I know women doing the same to weak men.... I can't say kick ass the way I did last night in the heat of the moment... but U need get out of relationships that abuses U.... Change your mind set that he she loves me when they beat my ass... That's not love the word is.... Control... That way as a good friend I won't have to fuck up my dam day when I should be working on my own dam dreams..... ....... End Notes He Hit Me!

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