President Obama Speech

Posted on September 8, 2009 at 1:29 PM

Hate looks stupid today yet in the morning there will be a new reason to hate. Don't blame the man on TV, the old KKK diehard down the street. Blame all who give no voice to the daily issues we face. As President Obama spoke I thought back to when I was ignored in school and nothing has changed. Its still political controled politics. Then we fight group to group for the scraps till the next election provide us with our next worst option. Fighting has become our first choice to solve all our problems so we know nothing about how to listen and then solve our issues. The fighting has no boundary as we struggle to hold off the diversity of hate that cross over into our lives from worldwide. War is not about win or loss its about empowerment and who controls over all. Death comes because we not given whats needed to win the real war. U and I home fighing ova should we fight when we live in a country that teach U throw down and win your position. Little to nothing about what our diversity could do to improve life. I was one of the kids President Obama speech could have help if given back when I was that kid sitting in school learning to duck responsiblity. I was that child who needed one adult to do what President Obama tried to do today. He touched a child today maybe yours and saved that childs life and maybe yours because that child won't grow up to be our next nightmare. Today was a stupid day because people listen to the speech for the wrong reason and the lesson lost on dead ears. I pray I'm wrong but we more into the fighting then solution.



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