What are Dreams????

Posted on September 6, 2009 at 10:45 AM

What are dreams? Are they goals or live nightmares that haunt us no matter what they are or how faithful we are to them. We always told to follow our dreams and its always a mix bag of results. Some dreams should never be given life but we taught to have our desire like driving through a fast food drive through window. By the time we realize what we have done or how far we willing to go after our dreams it ends up a blessing or maybe a curse. So how do we learn to know what dreams should or shouldn't be? Is that knowledge also a double edge sword? The fine line between our knowledge dreams and wills action rule over our lives. As a faithful person I believe in spiritual guidance so having faith leads my wills drive to accomplish but all our dreams influence each other even spiritual ones. Indirectly the moment our paths cross or not we are at the crossroad of all dreams. Some will lead us. Some will make us stray. My having fatih I believe makes me conscious of the decisions I make. I pray U taking the responsibility of how your dreams come to fruition having faith or not. The ages past seem to have been cluelessly reckless in that there was this lack of knowledge that it does matter. Now that we know our dreams do matter how do we fined the balance and convince ourselves to live better. My greatest fear is that we have to many who have accepted the condition of an old mindset and fear wont allow us to change. Still there is this seed planted within us and that means there is hope. We can't force each other to do anything but we can take control of our own use of knowledge and how its nutured and then passed on. Think about how U in the past thought about or gone after your dreams. Then notice how being conscious of your dreams changed U and how U go after their fruition. For me there will always be life through having spiritual faith. How I pratice my faith may not mean all my dreams will come to life or I won't make mistakes. It just means that all things are possible and through faith I have become a conscious human being who is willing to challenge our knowledge and the way I go after all my dreams. For my spiritual path is lead by faith and tricks of my wills ego can't deceive me. I trust myself and all that my God lays before me. My faithful path I believe will guide me to the volt of heaven if I eliminate my addictive need and allow my conscious faith to clear my path. Whatever your dreams are that cross my path is not judged by me like I am an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality. Faith allows me to trust in my own ablity to know if I should allow U into my life, follow your dream, or just simply acknowledge your on a diffrent path. I won't try to control U or allow U to control me just have the awareness that we must find ways to acknowledge then exist together as our dreams come to life.   

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