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Posted on July 19, 2009 at 12:57 AM

lol... When was the last time I was able to go biking....19 so-n-so... Amen. I was sitting in my Trailblazier into my flow kickin around poetic thoughts when I notice out the corner of my left eye two people approaching me. It wouldn't have bothered me except I have memory problems. So recalling poetic thoughts is never easy for me and why when I write poetry I pull ova where eva I am and get it down... lol... U eva do it at a traffic light with horns blazzin... anywho... This couple was coming up fast and I noticed they had unreconized items in both their hands behind their backs. The male I look in th eyes as the female explain who they where. Asking if I would mind doing an interview for WRAL TV News... My first thought was yawl twisted, see its my second time doing an interview...back in humm... can't remember but I do remember it was the last major riot in Newburgh NY. The march turned into a major threat of the city being burned down to the ground Newburgh didn't playa. I was on the front line of the police department, shotgun in hand, black, a woman, a person who all knew as untouchable because my stepfather was said to be a major mobster on the east coast maybe the country, and I had more than anything respect dealing with civil rights issues. The news reporter was all up on me with bright lights, I was trying to calm the crowd down while being interviwed....I look like I was going to shot my boyfriend future husband and potrayed as a threatening cop. Truth was had I not been there Newburgh would have burn that night as many others back then... So I knew already how the news edits use whats said to better their ratings. I was ready and about to say no but then I thought...humm... I can use this myself in that I have been sick a longggggggggggg time still dealin and needed to hear how I sound and look...well I look like I been sick ok...hold up ok I'm alive and could give a shit what I look like at this point. So I say yes.. I was ask questions about how I felt about drivers and bikers.... No matter what came out my mouth I knew most would end up on the cutting floor of the edit room and did. Still it was cool because they did a good job in my favor this time because I got to see exactly what I need do to clean up and voice work for poetry is a must. I saw my potential flaws but most of all the old girls still able to hold a conscious conversation while making the best out of being taken advantage of... They where doing they job I understand that. I'm just piss at how our news networks gathers then reports or repeats badly now. Still I am thankful for the moment to reconzie what I need be working on. I am editing years of poems and book notes I started over 20 some years ago when I was near death and struggling to remember my own name. I said all this to say never get it twisted along with everybody else how to work things in your favor. Had I been a hot head and told them to get the hell away from me I would be clueless on some important things I need work on. So thank U WRAL TV NEWS... By the way I almost run ova a biker the next morning because he was in the middle of the curve with no dam reflectors dark bike and clothing on. I guess then this would be a longer story but I spotted him just in time.... U know I was looking around to see if WRAL TV NEWS film that..... lol... Don't get it twisted!

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