Rihanna To Testify Then What?...see update of trial!

Posted on May 28, 2009 at 11:22 PM




Rihanna to Testify shouldn't be just a news flash. It should rep a sign of more conscious change is needed as we witness how far we have come when it comes to our abusive natures. It also shows that both men and women still struggling with our abusive taught history is still cloaked in a protective world of silence and denial. We now study religions to lessons past on from generation to generation of how we allowed the silence that allows our abusive nature continued life. Learning from birth we taught that man is king and the woman is queen and then our rolls defined not as equal humans but how to concur over each others royalty.


We ignored hearing the sounds and sights of abuse living its acceptance so well we need illustrations on billboards to remind us to take action. Rules of law leave us confused as who is being protected in courts because there is no shock how the out come never justifies either side. So now the question still remains in today's justice of our abusive natures history of whats next. As women rush to remind Rihanna she must speak out men rush to remind us its not just them they abused to. Rihanna should stand up and speak the truth but also tell it all so the lessons she rep's in the now generation finds a platform not as shaky as our past. At the same time Chris needs to stand up and speak his truth to and that he bought into his given title of King like she bought into her roll as Queen.


Both sides of raw truth must show how deep the struggle to now move forward as we only punish them in headlines and not ourselves for the collective mindset that brought us to this place in our abusive history. Study all our history well then decide for yourself who what U believe in today's headlines and news flashes. I can only pray that tomorrow up out of our ashes of silence we rebirth a new knowledge. One that rebirths us as equals with more of a conscious mindset. One that states we need to nurture not destroy each other and that there is only one royalty to honor. Our parts in the evolution of Life given!




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