Bed & Desk War

Posted on November 26, 2011 at 12:00 AM

There is another kinda WAR going on in my house and they not even human. Its between my bed and desk, always at one or the other now. When I was the perfect caretaker for others blowing up their dreams mine where ignored, or I feared letting anybody know what they where (that's another story for some other time). Then came the time to explore just who I am, wow I had spent many years learning storing in my brain what I'd love to do. Now my bed is jealous because I'm spending more time at my desk working my creativity. My desk keeps calling me, saying U spent years sick unable to move at all in your bed, its my turn. The WAR was making me crazy, so much so that I had to balance my time between each. When I did I went from near death to living again. So I told both my bed and my desk your both very important in my life. Spending time with them both has made me more conscious and patience is helping me rebuild my life. Consciously challenging myself to stay motivated, and being patience allows me to rest and heal. So the WAR between my bed and desk leaves me the winner. The fear I once lived, is all gone.... 


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