Personal Journal....Who Have I Been???...Oct. 15.09

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A few days ago I drop to the floor after my legs gave out. I was working late at night because my pain wouldn't allow me to sleep. I only take power naps and never have a normal night anyway so I always get up till I can lay back down. This night was twisted from the start. I laid down with so much on my mind and should have known that was not a good sign to being with. When I am like that things happen to me and its like a worning sign I need pay attent...

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Personal Journal.... Banned from Breath to Think.....Oct. 10.09

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This morning I woke feeling blessed I don't have the issues that others live through. As I learned how to survive my own struggles I find them easyer to live and I thank U Lord. Even being Banned from a website networking my work has empowered me. Things where going fine till outside personal relationships and interest got between me and the website owner without me knowing at first. I was posting and made friends as normal speaking my mind likes and dis...

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Personal Journal.... Sept. 22,09

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Feeling so sick today but I have join a group of other artist who seem really into being creative and supportive of each other without the bad ego. Its important to me because I can't let stress take me out. Unable to do my work its important I find ways to express my creativity. Having problems with my memory more than normal but its due to being busy. I don't normally get out that often in the summer because of the heat but its the first...

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Personal Journal....I'm A Liar....09.09.09

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U eva been caught in the biggest LIE eva told making U look like the fool U are for doing it? U eva regret the sadness associated with some wrong U done or disappointment in yourself for being so stupid? How can words eva explain when now there is no trust even if U could? I told a lie and lived it so well I even convinced myself it was true till I got found out. Thing is I got tired of the life of a lie and sabotaged myself so i was outted. I didn't hav...

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Personal Journal .... August 20/09

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We have a new home, moving in soon so I'm excited and very happy its in a place I can have a garden and live in a small town near enough to a big city I can play. I can't work in the garden but love having seeing it being worked and have fresh food. I have always like living in an area I can get out and not have to stress where I'm going. On the other hand I love having so many different things to get into and the shopping. With my health only going to get worse...

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Personal Journal.....Tuesday.... August 11, 2009

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After the heat all most took us out on Monday I'm still up at 1am trying to recover from the sickly feeling I felt all day. Being in the heat is the worst thing that could happen to me and we in for a few more days of the temp in the high digits. Still I manage to be creative so the day was not a total loss. I try to come up with a jewelry design, write or maybe come up with some art ideas for poetic illustrations. All ways trying to keep the juice flowi...

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Personal Journal...........Sunday August 9, 2009

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Today I decided to start this Journal because my thoughts are rampit and I need a way to slow them down. I have learned in the past thats not a good thing for me and I must maintain control of my emotional state or I get sick. I have so many things going on pulling me in different directions now. Some good and some I wonder what the hell was I thinking. I woke up this morning praying that I find away to be a better person and the only way I can do that i...

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