Sex Court

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There should be a sexual court TV...... Well Ur honor... I guess it may have come to me late one night when he was laying next to me smelling like the club and all the women he did in the parking lot....its possible.... If I was to plead guilty how many years do I get if I plead guilty for putting a beehive on his dick......oh and the crazy glue to I guess..... After all he never even felt it till the next morning.... and with all the STD'S I know he has now.... he never even noticed the pain...

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Caught Up Between Wifey and Twins

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Girl did U hear what happen last night at the club? No girl! Whats up? June Bug got caught up between wifey and twins. What? Yea girl let me tell it its not what U think. His wife Kathy was suppose to be going out of town. Now U heard already they was having some issues wit his baby mama drama Kim. What he didn't know was Kim was a twin. So dam June Bug thought he was the pimp daddy of the year. Got his fuck on every night back then, but they got past it....... lol..... Friday night...

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Grandma Is That U?

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This is my way of keeping a smile on my face when issues of life seem to make me depressed. I just write about things in my path trying to have fun with it..... Some of us to willing to give up to much personal info but others looking that erotic adventure without for-thought or the pain sure to follow. All I eva ask is that my family and friends think about who U giving info or willing to hook up with... Just be safe!


"Grandma Is That U "


Hey babie,...

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