President Obama Speech

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Hate looks stupid today yet in the morning there will be a new reason to hate. Don't blame the man on TV, the old KKK diehard down the street. Blame all who give no voice to the daily issues we face. As President Obama spoke I thought back to when I was ignored in school and nothing has changed. Its still political controled politics. Then we fight group to group for the scraps till the next election provide us with our next worst option. Fighting has be...

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What are Dreams????

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What are dreams? Are they goals or live nightmares that haunt us no matter what they are or how faithful we are to them. We always told to follow our dreams and its always a mix bag of results. Some dreams should never be given life but we taught to have our desire like driving through a fast food drive through window. By the time we realize what we have done or how far we willing to go after our dreams it ends up a blessing or maybe ...

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WRAL TV NEWS.....Interview Biking

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lol... When was the last time I was able to go biking....19 so-n-so... Amen. I was sitting in my Trailblazier into my flow kickin around poetic thoughts when I notice out the corner of my left eye two people approaching me. It wouldn't have bothered me except I have memory problems. So recalling poetic thoughts is never easy for me and why when I write poetry I pull ova where eva I am and get it down... lol... U eva do it at a traffic light with horns bl...

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Rihanna To Testify Then What?...see update of trial!

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Erotic Pandora Is Killing Womanhood

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I have always been a faithful person. Maybe not believeing as others d. So what ? Its called diversity. Still I hang on to faith that we hummans could some day work out the distence between us living life in healthy ways. Then I listen to my radio yesterday and I doubt if I'll ever recover from the shock of the voice of a woman sounding maybe younger than me but not by much.  I realize I don't know it all but dam I thought we women are the nuturing force of life. Not that men can't learn...

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