Evil's Exposed Life

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The house was dark when we pulled up at the front gate and I awakened by my husbands sigh of releaf. Numb as I woke to the surprise of our early arrival at the home I grew up in. Due to the storms passing in the middle of the night there was little to no traffic on the road so we arrived in half the time. Board and scared by the lighting I went to sleep to avoid my thoughts of going home. My husband and I spent many years as kids with him running past this gate and I wishing I could meet him ...

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Battered... early notes. The story of abuse and sexual slavery!... typeo's lol

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"What on earth has happen hear? It looks as if a sussession of storms rolled through. My God is that blood? Israel do you see this?" "I'm not moving. Not one more step and you shouldn't . I don't like walking in on shit like this. We could end up on trial like one of them CSI cases. Let's get the hell out of hear." " Ok, for once I agree with you. Wait, hush! you hear that?" " Yes I do and it's coming from over there." "Oh, hell no. Jackie! Girl is that you? What the hell happen to you? Who d...

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He Hit Me!.....notes

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This to all my sista's and straight up girls I roll with. It just came to my attention that sista girl was beat down last night yawl need gear up... Now I'm not one to tend yo flow but I got issues with shit on this one OK... I got a call early morning... "Hey sis, I could use your shoulder"... I'm already up at my desk thinking this going to be a good day when I hear... "He hit me three times already and maybe do it again"... My first response before I hit her door was.... "Do U need bail if...

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