Language Learned Climbing Mountains

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Language Learned Climbing Mountains

He said, nigga I hate U. I said, yea but I love U. He couldn't understand. He said, nigga I said I hate U. I said yea but I love U. In his eyes for the first time he looked lost and confused like the dawn wanted to rise, but there was a cloud hovering. I said would U like to know why I love U? He said, nigga I don't care. I said yes U do....

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Lock Down

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Guess what

Love seem to have my heart on a painful

Lock down

Tears can't express how deep the conscious thoughts

Where I've been

Who I've been

How long...

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When Sky Is Blue...road notes

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When sky is blue

When sky blue I think of U!

Having fun with fantasy of us being still

I can lay to rest who between deeply routed All challenged need romanced

Once silenced love n...

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AT THE CROSS...... for my Bro Donnie

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As time draws near to gather at the cross the night is restlessly comforting me.

Their is no pain of worldly guilt knowing we didn't get to it all for we filled each others lives well.

My pride calling U bro swells my heart as the memories come like lighting without the fear.

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Imploded...poetry notes on Haiti

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We are not designed to elude detection sparkleing like The next waiting nightmare

Unwanted unappreciated

No matter a history of deliverance

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Hey Santa No Need To Hide

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Yesterday the mad rush of spending was blinding us

Today's reality of who we have become weakens our foundation

Yet there is the sense we have time to recover our consciousness

So find the S...

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Limitless....note needs edit

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Forever is a long time

U sure you're ready for love

Maybe there should be questions

Asked long before commitment

There is no hidden treasur...

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Power Of Loves Thought...first draft

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If U knew the half of it

U would hold me

Caressed forever

In the cradles of your arms

Captured by your grace

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Lick Of Perfection.... first draft needs edits

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U ghetto gold's lick of perfection

U the twist of my designer cloths collection

Found on the corner run ways coast to coast

310's flavor under my hood I'll fly the freeways living schooled

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When We Touch

Posted on October 27, 2009 at 9:12 AM Comments comments (0)

Do U know me and my erotic need

Did U feed on my essence before your approach

Was your first question

Who is this woman inflaming my sexual natures rise

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