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When people say

Black people the most prejudices

Remember our history not long ago

Its raw uncivilized survival

Taught me prejudices

As if our divided DNA


Being a good person didn’t

Keep me from feeling enslaved given crumbs of life

Race matters undeniably

I started defending my Blackness

Like royalty inherited

Having to defend myself because of race today

Every word spoken gets annualized

Every action speaks its ethnicity

Being prejudice

Is a heavy burden

What’s my other choice

There is no freedom

No welcome

Twisted moments races mix

Each casting shadows of doubt

Educated by yours and my own

Keeps my black prejudices


Now lets speak about yours

For no matter who you be

Your prejudice

Because we refuse to face it


7/24/14...Poetic Notes.. No Word War

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No Word War


I will never allow words to rule over me

To do so is a self incarcerations unnecessary inflicted pain

Beneath the responsibility life has given me

Sling your words and I will hear only what empowers

The heart of my souls spirit will always soar the rush that created me

Like surfing a title wave my balance will not allow me to drown

Leaving it impossible for your mind to conceive my rise to a greater power

Yet I won’t leave you in a state of shock and aw that you can be ignored

Only to begin the procession of giving you back your words used properly

So that the next we meet there be no war of words between us

Our future generations will change their tempest to breezes

Just by the powerful knowledge that words should be used to describe our diversity

They only hurt when used to hate and we allow it to invade our peaceful state



7/24/14... Thinking about creativity!

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In the middle of thoughts there are directions and choices. We seem hell bent on following till U recognize no where is your dreams reality. Who understands? Eva! Love ones busy, friends on their mission, strangers confused as I. Till I recognized creativity is bought and sold on markets that don’t even know your name much less really pay U. We pimp creativity not knowing or understanding the value. Ask yourself why the girl down the street designing her ass off is broke as hell and she clean. A woman about business begging crumbs till allowed share in market. Thing about creativity though, it has a very loud voice all U need be is noticed. Market yourself! Plan every step U take! U broke network need know! Back doors do open legally! Don’t ask me how! I’m working my own choices directions and I don’t have much time. Who controls the next market, matters! Its not that I don’t wanna help others. I have recall memory issues and my thinking ability is important I don‘t wanna confuse who‘s is who‘s. The one thing I advise! Never! Ever! Give UP!!!


Day of Atonement

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Day of Atonement

We go through life day to day

Living life recklessly

Without making amends for our failures and sins

Like having amnesia till forced recognition is given

Ride the waves of our miss deeds as if therapeutic

Living in an amusement park lifestyle

Feeding our laziness on the junk foods of life

We can’t see our amputations of reality

Till one day we face long over due anachronisms

Day of atonement


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Attack me with your slang

Bring down on me your abused pent up rage

The evil stressed out anger used to curse me out

Ripping at your own heart then lashes out razor sharp at mine

Taking both our lives deep into the shadows of hate

Till one day we both are in need

Forced to reach out to each other

With the same thoughts

Questioning why are we both


Unshakable Love

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Unshakable Love

All my life I have struggled

From having faith to finding love

Looking for guidance through the success of others

I found no deliverance

Just temptations price of failure

So I started doing things I never would before

Leaning on my battered mustered seed of faith

My new mindset made me question everything

The desire to do better changed my lifestyle’s direction

I notice my new lifestyle removed all obstacles

A healthier me began to do better

Each step I took and its importance in my life

Empowered my faith and taught me the diligence of love

Soon I found all the shadows of life just reminders

That I should trust in myself and not mimic life

Then I noticed my faith became an unshakable love

I Sit

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I Sit

Here I sit listening

Editing my music

It drowns out the rawness of life

For around me life disappoints

The joy of loves patients

Hides within the sounds of loves failure

Anger erupts

There is know profound resolution why

No matter the issue it’s a crucifixion

There will be no resurrection




I will keep editing my music

Turned way up

Challenging me to focus

Drowning out life’s rawness around me

I sit

The Haunting

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The Haunting

Good morning screams.

Shadows the shades of humanity.

Life has challenged the dawns fruition.

No one comes to wake us.

No salivations conviction.

Cursed religion steadfastness.

Over run by demons.

Drifting no telling.

There is no focus.

No smile to loves rise.

Goodnight wasted.

Hounded there is no telling.

Where does this ones dead body lay resting now?

Will the next one be U?

Mirror On The Wall

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Don't morn me in my face

I'm not gone just in another place

Challenging past mounting faded

so swallow deep, deeper, come on, deeper

What truth rushed your brain knowing U cant handle this face telling it

So turn off the lights do your day

But when u get home

I be waiting to make U come to me and morn face to face

Its been our history to date

U so repetitive i'm starting to fade

Then we be saying

Mirror mirror on the wall

Where did we go

Bed & Desk War

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There is another kinda WAR going on in my house and they not even human. Its between my bed and desk, always at one or the other now. When I was the perfect caretaker for others blowing up their dreams mine where ignored, or I feared letting anybody know what they where (that's another story for some other time). Then came the time to explore just who I am, wow I had spent many years learning storing in my brain what I'd love to do. Now my bed is jealous because I'm spending more time at my desk working my creativity. My desk keeps calling me, saying U spent years sick unable to move at all in your bed, its my turn. The WAR was making me crazy, so much so that I had to balance my time between each. When I did I went from near death to living again. So I told both my bed and my desk your both very important in my life. Spending time with them both has made me more conscious and patience is helping me rebuild my life. Consciously challenging myself to stay motivated, and being patience allows me to rest and heal. So the WAR between my bed and desk leaves me the winner. The fear I once lived, is all gone....